Hi Bill,
    My time on the Quincy CA 39 was a very short one. Went on in April 1942
and we were sunk in Aug. 42. I jumped off the ship with nothing but what was
on my back. And in the time I was in the water I kept shedding flash proof
clothing ,helmet etc. My money and wallet was in my locker. The only way I
could get any message to my folks was I told them I had lost my wallet. See
if they could get me another application. They did pick up on that, that the
ship was sunk. After that I spent the next two years at Babers Point Naval
Air Station and mail was censored so there was no way of telling them then.
If some one was being transferred back to the states you could have them mail
a letter for you.
    I was picked up by the Destroyer USS Elliot. When I got aboard all I had
on was my underwear. The crew had opened up there lockers and you could get
clothes to put on. Late the first day we were transferred to the USS
American Legion and went to New Caledonia. At  New Caledonia we were
transferred to the USS Wharton and headed back for Pearl Harbor. We had one
destroyer  as an escort. On our way back we pulled into US American Soma
and picked up some Marine prisoners. After we left there one of the Marines
jumped off the APA. Its a wonder that he wasn't killed diving off at that
height. As we were entering Pearl Harbor we had a sub alert. Crew never made
to GQ but all the survivors made it top side. At Pearl Harbor we didn't even
have to muster. We just roamed around and had free beer for a time. Don't
remember exactly how long we had the free beer. I went from there up to
Naval Air Station At Babers Point. Never left there until July 1944. Spent
two years there. Made a lot of rates while I was there.  stayed at Pearl
until we got a new sea bag and records.
An Old Salt
Ray Clark

This is a personal account from Ray Clark.
I thank him for sharing it with all of us!